First Look: Sterling Evolution Aero and Helix Ropes

More than twenty years ago, Sterling launched their original Evolution series dynamic ropes. For 2015 the Evolution line is getting a major overhaul with the addition of two new skinnier ropes; the Evolution Aero 9.2 and the Evolution Helix 9.5.

Evolution Aero

The Aero is the lightest rope offered in the Evolution series; the Aero delivers a small diameter lightweight rope with a more substantial sheath for enhanced durability. The secret lies with the new core construction, which allows for greater sheath coverage at a low grams per meter weight. The Aero offers more elongation and a lower impact force than its new sibling, the Helix, giving a slightly softer catch.

Diameter: 9.2mm
Weight: 56 g/m
UIAA Fall Rating: >7
Colors: Red, Blue, Tangerine

Evolution Helix

The Helix redefines what a 9.5 rope can be: small but tough. With a new sheath and lighter weight core construction, the Helix is Sterling’s skinny workhorse. As the midrange entry in the Evolution Series, the Helix strikes the perfect balance between durability and light weight. The Helix actually has a thicker sheath than Sterling’s flagship Evolution Velocity 9.8, but still provides a softer hand, making it well suited to trad climbing, sport climbing or ice climbing.

Diameter: 9.5mm
Weight: 59 g/m
UIAA Fall Rating: >7
Colors: Orchid, Green, Orange

Both ropes are available in 60m, 70m and 80m lengths.

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