Field Test: The Black Diamond Ember Power Light

A cross between a flashlight and a pocket charger, the Ember works great as an emergency light for backcountry trips or just as a handy back-up to keep in your everyday bag. The built in power meter shows the remaining battery life so that you can avoid unexpectedly running out of power at just the wrong time!

The Ember’s aluminium case rotates from the locked position to give access to both the flashlight mode and the charging mode and protects the internal USB port from dust and dirt when not in use.

In flashlight mode the single power LED can be activated by a simple touch swipe. At maximum intensity the Ember produces 150 lumens of light and produces a beam of up to 40m.

In charging mode the Ember can either be plugged in to a USB port to charge it’s own Lithium battery, or can be used to charge a small external device, like a smartphone or GPS unit. If fully charged the Ember provides 2600mAh of power, which is enough to fully charge your iPhone 1.5 times.

One nice feature of the Ember is that in locked mode the battery is fully disconnected, which means you can store the light for extended periods without draining the battery.


Lumens: 150

Weight With Batteries: 97 g (3.4 oz)

Max Burn Time: 50 hours

IPX Rating: 4

LED Type: 1 Triple-power

Batteries: Sealed Lithium Polymer

Colors: Citron, Ultra Blue and Graphite

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